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OpenVigilance Task:


I have been building a custom web application to help researchers conduct what are known as vigilance tasks (also called: sustained attention tasks) on participants. My program, titled OpenVigilance Task, presents a series of random letters that are either O, D, or backwards D to help determine what influences a person's reaction time. In a sense, it's like taking an eye test but it is more difficult as the letters flash in and out rapidly, and the participant needs to press a button every time they see the letter O.

The code is open source under the MPL 2.0 but it is still actively being worked on. Also, because the program is built to help avoid abuse from bots or the like, it requires a test participant to login to the system before any of their reaction data can be recorded. So, this is why the live demo only shows the OpenVigilance Task login page at present.

Eventually, the goal of the source code is to allow other researchers to install their own version on a web server for them to conduct vigilance tasks to their participants that they have selected. I might also continue to host the software as a cloud-like service, but that remains to be seen.

Core technologies used: PHP, HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, Ajax, MySQL, and custom images that export to millimeter specifications on a display monitor. All pages are validated for W3C compliance of HTML5. Furthermore, the web application is tested on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS (Firefox and Chrome) and MS Windows 10 (Firefox, Chrome, MS Edge, and Opera).

PylintMultipleFiles v0.1:


I created a quick Python program that I aptly named PylintMultipleFiles to allow Pylint (code quality analyzer) to parse multiple .py files which creates a .txt report for each file. I created this as Pylint, for some reason, does not easily allow for this capability. This is because Pylint is mainly looking for Python modules not .py file names!

The code is open source under the BSD 3-Clause license. How to Stream Hulu & Netflix on Firefox in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS:


When using the newest Ubuntu 16.04 LTS release it can be difficult to stream Hulu and Netflix video via Firefox. I've figured out an easy workaround to get things fixed, which I posted to an question.

* Note: You can also use Google Chrome to get things working. Although this may be a quicker workaround, I try my best to support Firefox as the project is more true to the open-source philosophy than Chrome. Understanding the Difference between Bits, Bytes, KB, and KiB:


I've provided a pretty good explanation on of the terms bits, bytes, kilobytes (KB), and kibibytes (KiB) as there's still much confusion surrounding these meanings. Seriously, IT people need to stop using KB when they really mean KiB! Argh.

Geeky IT Advice: Disable Banshee Pop-Up Notifications on GNOME Shell 3 (Linux):


I created a quick article that shows you how to disable pop-up notifications while using the Banshee audio/video player on GNOME Shell 3, such as on Fedora 20. It is quick and painless.

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