Web Update & Game Server is Almost a Go!


I have done quite a lot of work on the website tonight. There is now content in the "Gaming" section, and have tweaked a lot of little details like the colors throughout the site (and making it compatible with different resolutions/browsers).

Also, the NS server is a almost ready to release to the public! Should be fun when that happens...

woot! Read all About Me!


I made some more updates tonight, which included some more behind the scenes changes and finishing the content for the "About" page. More updates soon to come!

;D No, I'm Serious this Time


Wow it's been a long time since I've updated my site. But, I am actually serious about updating it this time. Tonight I have been setting up the new Natural Selection server, and have made a lot of progress. Also, with the NS server, I have made some behind-the-scenes and some public changes to the website. I have restructured it better, and have better templates to work off of. This will help me out when I actually put content online. It'll happen, trust me ;).

Need some Adventure?


I have finally done some updating! So far I got the "Adventure Information" page created, which describes what basically I've gotten to experience being over on this side of the world.

Lately I have been extremely busy, and will do my best to get those pictures posted up that I have been promising everybody. And what I plan on doing is adding some blurbs to each image to help describe what it was I am taking a picture of.

But thats all for tonight!

Reasons for My Slow Progress


I know I haven't uploaded any images for ages. But there is good reason:

1.  Deployed again.
2.  Lazy.

I will be back to my home soon, and I have many plans set for this website. Keep your eyes posted.