News How to Stream Hulu & Netflix on Firefox in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


When using the newest Ubuntu 16.04 LTS release it can be difficult to stream Hulu and Netflix video via Firefox. I've figured out an easy workaround to get things fixed, which I posted to an question.

* Note: You can also use Google Chrome to get things working. Although this may be a quicker workaround, I try my best to support Firefox as the project is more true to the open-source philosophy than Chrome. Understanding the Difference between Bits, Bytes, KB, and KiB


I've provided a pretty good explanation on of the terms bits, bytes, kilobytes (KB), and kibibytes (KiB) as there's still much confusion surrounding these meanings. Seriously, IT people need to stop using KB when they really mean KiB! Argh.

Geeky IT Advice: Disable Banshee Pop-Up Notifications on GNOME Shell 3 (Linux)


I created a quick article that shows you how to disable pop-up notifications while using the Banshee audio/video player on GNOME Shell 3, such as on Fedora 20. It is quick and painless.

Geeky IT Advice: Sharing Steam Games on Two Different Linux Distributions


Are you a Linux nerd, by that you use two different distros on your PC? If so, do you play games via Steam? If this is the case, I wrote a how-to that explains how you can save lots of storage space by sharing your games' data files across both distros! It's easy.

NS1 Server Closed


Sorry for the bad news, but I shutdown the NS1 server tonight, potentially forever. The server ran for many years and I will always have fond memories of the NS1 game play. However, the main reason my interest dropped off was because at this time NS1 does not run natively in Linux, which is my primary OS these days. So, even though the server ran on Linux, this did not help me in terms of playing it on my Linux PC.

If the Unknown Worlds developers ever open up the source code to NS1, I would assume somebody would be able to build a native Linux version, since all of the standard Half-Life 1 & 2 games (by Valve) have been converted and run just fine (as I have tested them). However, it is nice that NS2 runs in Linux, so there may yet be hope that NS1 will eventually become ported. If you care like I do, please send the Unknown Worlds folks a message on their forum/Facebook/Twitter to help suggest that they need to work on getting NS1 on Linux!

I definitely want to say THANK YOU for everyone's support throughout the years on our NS1 server, which of course includes anyone who liked playing here. Also, I say "our server" as we've had lots of great admins and regulars in the past helping to build our gaming community, which made the server run well.

Note: I do not plan to shutdown this website, as I have other plans in mind as I have been re-orienting myself to support Linux and the free/libre and open-source communities. So, many changes should be expected as my vision comes alive. Long live FOSS!