Vote to enable/disable script blocking! (mp_blockscripts) [For the Game Server]


I know this is a sensitive subject within the NS community... So I am asking for everyone's input. Just follow the link below to vote in the poll and if you want, you can also respond in YOUR own words to put in your two-cents!


Here is the link:

Updated Game Server


I made a few changes to the game server, but most of you probably won't see much of a difference.

The most notable change is that I re-worded the "rules" of the server, so just check it out on your next connect ;).

New Loading Song! (for the Game Server)


I know some of you have been getting annoyed at hearing the same loading song for the past few months (sorry about that), I have finally uploaded a new one!

I felt it would be cool to put something a little more chill this time since the last one (Deftones) was loud and hardcore... I'm hoping you guys don't hate the new song, but if you're curious to know who sang the new song, it is "Boy Sets Fire" and the song is called "When Rhetoric Dies."

However, if you think you know of a better song, just post your request on the Forums!



Combat "Time Limit" Changed


I changed the time limit on the NS server for Combat ("co_") maps. It originally was set to 35 minutes, and it has been reduced to 20 minutes to speed the game play up a bit.

If you're not a fan of the switch, just post a message on the Forums!

Another Web Update


I updated the Game Server's web section again, which mainly focused on rewording the rules and admin application portion to make it clearer. That's all for tonight!