New Loading Songs!


Here's some good news I'm sure you've been waiting to "hear"! Okay that was corny, but seriously, I've taken the old loading song down and put up FIVE new ones! And to make things interesting, I've put a nice mix to hopefully satisfy the majority of musical tastes. There's now music from the following genres: Hip-Hop, Rock, Punk, Trance, and even Country!

I've hand chosen each song personally, which means I actually enjoy each one of them. Also, I'm still trying to resolve the MySQL issue, but the website/Forums will be back up as soon as possible!

Thanks for reading!

- junktext

Forums are DOWN (Again...) - RAID/MySQL Problem



Due to a major RAID (hard drive) failure on my web host's MySQL server, the News and Forums are currently disabled. It has been offline since 16 February 2008 and is expected to be back up and working on or around 28 February 2008.

I apologize very much for the misinformation I recently posted on the Steam Community group and the NS Game Server, as it was out of my control. I originally had the Forums back up and working JUST before this RAID issue happened, so it was just bad timing for this event to take place.

I will post another update once the situation has been resolved. Please be patient until my host's MySQL service is up and running like it once was. Thanks!

- junktext

The Forums are ALIVE!!! No, seriously...


You don't know how happy I am to bring the Forums back to life. I'm sure many of you were curious why they were down in the first place, especially during an important policy vote on the NS server (about blocking scripts). Well, in short, the major problem was I wanted to have a better look to the board, except there were no decent themes already created... So I decided to create one myself - all while still working full time and going to college.

Well, as you can see I've finally finished with developing a new theme to the board, but this wasn't an easy task as I actually revamped a lot of the HTML/PHP structure that was originally there. It wasn't a matter of simply changing a few colors around to make it look pretty, as most of the code for everything is scattered in a lot of smaller files (which I can understand I guess); but it took a little more than Notepad/VIM to see what needed to be worked on.

I could of course go into more detail than this, but in the end, I think I finally got a workable version ready. However, if you spot anything out of order just send me a PM [Private Message] within the board or send me an e-mail to: webmaster AT

Thanks for your patience on this!

Vote to enable/disable script blocking! (mp_blockscripts) [For the Game Server]


I know this is a sensitive subject within the NS community... So I am asking for everyone's input. Just follow the link below to vote in the poll and if you want, you can also respond in YOUR own words to put in your two-cents!


Here is the link:

Updated Game Server


I made a few changes to the game server, but most of you probably won't see much of a difference.

The most notable change is that I re-worded the "rules" of the server, so just check it out on your next connect ;).