Sorry for the Downtime


I know that the NS server has been down for a little while... I am actually surprised it is taking so long to bring it back up. I upgraded the server's connection, so it should now be able to handle 21 players (as originally I was having latency problems when there were over 12 players); but there have been other issues at play, which have factored into a longer overall downtime.

I am hoping to bring it back up early this week, so hopefully this actually happens. In other news, I have been working on the website a little, making improvements here and there. So I hope the changes are for the better.

Fancy'er Forums


Today, I have created a new image for the Forums' main banner, while also making the Forums more consistent with the home page's layout. It took a little bit as I had to play with the original template/stylesheet used on the Forums already to match my home page's stylesheet (or as good as I could).

Forums Added (During my Bedtime!)


I have been working on the website this (early) morning. I have added a forum system to the website, which will mainly be used for the NS game server and IRC activity. Currently the look is very vanilla to the forum board, but I will change that up later on to reflect the theme I already have incorporated from my main web design. Now, I'm off to bed for four hours until I awake for work, ugh...

Moving Woes...


Well, I had the NS game server temporarily offline while I was moving apartments, but it is back up! There's a new IP address due to the new location, but other than that it's running like normal.

Yep, the NS Server Went Public!


Well the Natural Selection gaming server has been public for about a week now! I have done a lot of customized coding behind the scenes to make some changes I felt were needed to some of the most common plugins you run into. I haven't really seen any issues so far from my changes, but I will keep my eyes open.

Also, if you're interested in becoming an administrator on the server (as I currently need a few), just make sure to read my "Gaming" section before applying... Thanks!