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New NS Administrator!:


I just wanted to announce that we have a new administrator on-board of our Natural Selection (NS) game server! His name is TREX and he is currently residing in Canada. As you can guess from the previous post, he has been running a few Half-Life game servers himself, so he knows a thing or two about what we're all about.

If you happen to see him on the NS server sometime, make sure to say "Hello" as I'm sure he'd be glad to speak with you!

Better Game Server Performance!:


Thanks to advice from my friend TREX, you should have a much more enjoyable playing experience on the Natural Selection server! This performance gain deals primarily with in regard to a better hit-registration on the server, which means your attacks are more accurately accounted for. I have definitely noticed the difference myself, so come see for yourself how the server runs for you!

Scripts are now ENABLED! (mp_blockscripts 0):


Just an FYI: The recent vote about script blocking has ended, and due to this, scripting is now possible on the NS server.

However, feel free to post any additional praises/gripes about this issue via the thread itself:


Forums/Website News - Back Online!:


Okay, well the database information was finally restored by my web host - and I just got done verifying everything was pretty much back in working order. There was a little bit of Forum data lost, just a few posts worth, but they were mainly only general conversational postings. Which isn't exactly a good thing, but at least it wasn't dealing with reporting abusive users or any feature requests and so forth...

All in all though, this is just a reminder that we're back in business!

New Loading Songs!:


Here's some good news I'm sure you've been waiting to "hear"! Okay that was corny, but seriously, I've taken the old loading song down and put up FIVE new ones! And to make things interesting, I've put a nice mix to hopefully satisfy the majority of musical tastes. There's now music from the following genres: Hip-Hop, Rock, Punk, Trance, and even Country!

I've hand chosen each song personally, which means I actually enjoy each one of them. Also, I'm still trying to resolve the MySQL issue, but the website/Forums will be back up as soon as possible!

Thanks for reading!

- junktext

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