Kudos to "vts" for the Idea:


I have updated the NS server's rules on the website to better match the rules that we are currently using on the game server. Hopefully, this helps to clarify the general behavior expected while playing on the server...

Help Me, It's expensive!:


I added a donation button to the bottom of the web pages. The donations will ONLY be used to help fund the website, game server, or related connection/registration fees I normally pay myself to keep everything going. I'm not sure if many people will donate, but it's worth a shot :-).

Some Small Web/Game Tweaks:


I made some more web updates (especially to the Game Server section), and I've also worked on the NS server a bit. I'm just trying to get everything working perfectly...

NS Server Up! (With a New IP Address):


The NS server is finally back online! Also, note that the IP address has changed to (so update your Favorites list if you added it originally). It seems to be running pretty great as I just got back from a small 6 player game... Just let me know if you spot any issues.

Sorry for the Downtime:


I know that the NS server has been down for a little while... I am actually surprised it is taking so long to bring it back up. I upgraded the server's connection, so it should now be able to handle 21 players (as originally I was having latency problems when there were over 12 players); but there have been other issues at play, which have factored into a longer overall downtime.
I am hoping to bring it back up early this week, so hopefully this actually happens. In other news, I have been working on the website a little, making improvements here and there. So I hope the changes are for the better.
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