Many NS Server Updates:


I have made a lot of progress on the NS server tonight! I fixed some weird bugs on my modified version of Crab's Map Manager plugin, and I added a "loading music" plugin (which actually took forever since most of those plugins were built for CS, so I luckily found one that worked).
I'm still working on modifying a few more default and "commonly used" plugins, after which, I'll begin the work on the previously mentioned custom plugin. Good night!

Well, I gave it a shot...:


I attempted to utilize Jaba TV (from Olo) on NS, but it seems like it just won't work right. Beyond that, I just made a few small updates to the website...

NS Server Updated!:


I've been putting a lot more energy into the Natural Selection server this weekend. I've been hard at work customizing some of the most common plug-ins for AMX Mod X, that I feel needed a little "touch up" here and there! This should hopefully make the server much more enjoyable to play on, than if it was just another clone-like server.
All I'm waiting on now is to finish a few small things, here and there, and some fixes to the bot system (when there's only a few actual humans online). Then afterward, I need to actual build my own script/plug-in for the server so that I can try to implement a nice vote kick/ban system. I don't want to release any details of it yet, but from what I envision, it should be pretty neat!
More to come...

Web Update & Game Server is Almost a Go!:


I have done quite a lot of work on the website tonight. There is now content in the "Gaming" section, and have tweaked a lot of little details like the colors throughout the site (and making it compatible with different resolutions/browsers).
Also, the NS server is a almost ready to release to the public! Should be fun when that happens...

woot! Read all About Me!:


I made some more updates tonight, which included some more behind the scenes changes and finishing the content for the "About" page. More updates soon to come!
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