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YouTube: Python + Telnet = Muhahahha!!! (HOPE 2020)


I have released the video lecture that I presented at my Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE) 2020 conference workshop on using the Telnet Muhahaha! program. The lecture showcases how ancient Telnet can create modern web bots for various purposes. I held my workshop originally on .

For instance, I demonstrate how to create an HTTP (v1.1) bot and an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) bot just by automating Telnet with Python. Feel free to download the program and play around with the open source software code. Enjoy!

YouTube: SQL Functions and Math (How to Perform Useful Calculations with SQL)


This is a somewhat advanced course on how to write SQL (Structured Query Language) syntax to help you perform useful calculations in a relational database system (e.g., MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, et cetera). This video follows my other lectures on Basic SQL Queries and another one dealing with SQL Multi-Table Queries. Therefore, if you have not yet watched those previous lectures, please view those first unless you feel comfortable writing SQL generally.

YouTube: Basic SQL Queries (Simple SQL for Different Database Systems)


This is a beginner-level course on how to write SQL code to "talk" to a relational database system (e.g., MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access). I eventually get into showcasing a hands-on demonstration of creating SQL queries using Microsoft Access, which you can use this knowledge to also apply to more serious database systems like: MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Db2, and so forth. However, before I get to that portion, I initially explain some general concepts and I give a slide-based overview of how to write various SQL syntax.

YouTube: Java Programming Basics (Overview, "Hello, World!", Variables, etc.)


Learn the basics concepts of programming in Java! I will be going over a lot of content in an easy to understand fashion. Though, please know that this video lecture follows my other lecture on YouTube called: Orientation to Java Programming (IDEs, JDK vs. JRE, "Hello, World!"). So, you may want to start with the previous video first to get yourself up and running before trying to dive into Java coding.

YouTube: SQL Multi-Table Queries


This is a somewhat advanced course on how to write SQL multi-table queries on relational databases (e.g., MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access) that essentially allows you to recombine your data tables back together to find useful information. If you are new to SQL, please watch my other video titled Basic SQL Queries before watching this lecture.

YouTube: Orientation to Java Programming (IDEs, JDK vs. JRE, "Hello, World!")


Get your feet wet with programming in Java! I'd recommend starting with this video first before moving onto my next video lectures on the subject.

A+ Foundational Video Lectures (220-1001 and 220-1002)


CompTIA A+ Logo

For my upcoming Fall 2019 cohort of Software Development/Quality Assurance (QA) students at Year Up and for anybody else interested, I have prepared a curated list of instructional video lectures regarding the newest A+ certification on YouTube.

The A+ certification covers the working basics of computer hardware, software, networking, cybersecurity, and other aspects.

Disable Banshee Pop-Up Notifications on GNOME Shell 3 (Linux)


Banshee Logo

Here is an easy way to disable the pop-up notifications that occur from Banshee in GNOME Shell 3 using Fedora 20.

Sharing Steam Games on Two Different Linux Distributions


Visual Concept of Two Linux Distros Sharing the Same Steam Game Files

Learn how to share your Steam games on another Linux distro that you want to test out while saving disk space!

Ubuntu Linux 13.04: Fixing Odd Blank Screen Issues When Booting/Rebooting


Ubuntu Linux Logo

Sometimes proprietary video drivers (e.g., NVIDIA) can break your boot-up sequence on Linux and you may want to know what went wrong. Getting rid of the pretty, but pointless, graphical dots that Ubuntu uses can help you see what went wrong while making your boot-up process 285% cooler looking!

Fedora Core 1: Screwy Display Problems - Resolution Quirks & System Lock-Ups


Fedora Linux Logo

Oh, the joys of playing with video settings on Linux! Sometimes things go wrong when you simply change your resolution, or your system stops working right after booting up. I'll explain some tricks on how to use some command-line magic to hopefully make all of your pains go away.

Fedora Core 1: Login Problems - "Your session only lasted less than 10 seconds."


Fedora Linux Logo

Here is a simple fix to get rid of an obscure Fedora Linux login error that says, 'Your session only lasted less than 10 seconds.'

Fedora Core 1 Uses Only Half of the Processor?


Fedora Linux Logo

Explains why Fedora uses only 50% of the CPU. The answer is with the understanding of the SMP concept as well as how to fix the GRUB boot loader.

How to Root OS X (v10.2)


Apple Logo

Describes how to get past Mac's OS X (v10.2) weak security and was my first official text file.

Note: I was 19 years old when I wrote this, so I apologize for some curse words and my horrible grammar at the time! (-: